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Stacy Best

Holistic Health & Wellness = Happiness

Health is more than the food you put in your mouth and what you do in the gym. Nutrition and exercise are only a small part of being well. Living your passions, doing what inspires you and avoiding exposure to toxic insult by balancing your home environment, relationships, career, spirituality, and stress levels are all critical in order to lead a life you love.

What I teach isn’t a diet. It’s a whole-foods & holistic lifestyle you’ll never want to quit. The results just might rock your world!

My goal is to help you detoxify your body, improve nutrition, move more, and incorporate healthy practices in all aspects of your life. I focus on a person’s unique biochemical individuality and design personalized programs using the most simple meal planning methods, practical fitness options, and even fast & simple ways to grow your own organic food.


More About Stacy Garden for the Health of It Guidebook

I recently went through Stacy’s program.  It provided the critical foundation to build a healthy lifestyle.  The way Stacy walks you through the program is very nonthreatening, taking baby steps to insure that you are set up to sustain your efforts.  If you are building your dreams, you want Stacy in your camp as she is a key guide on your journey to thriving in every area of your life.”  ~ SJ