Ready, Set…Kitchen Garden!

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This will be my first growing season in the new garden, and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty!  The zone and the soil are very different here, I know it is going to be a summer of new discoveries.

I decided that my first project would definitely be a kitchen garden.  I’m an experienced gardener, although there is still so much to learn about veggie gardening, and there are so many new edible plants that I want to grow (a.k.a. try to keep alive).  As I learn more about growing in the new space, I definitely think a raised bed for veggies would make it easier for me to get growing.  I got to work on the plans and I realized that I was facing several challenges:

  • Irrigation woes-I travel for work often, and frequently at the last minute.  The ONE also travels for work, and I’m still getting to know peeps.  I don’t want to bother my new friends and neighbors for help with the watering…at least not quite yet.  :)
  • The backyard is uneven, make that extremely uneven
  • The gray squirrels are thriving in this area, and there have already been several bunny sightings

I spent a few days researching and was so excited when I found the Backyard Botanical Oasis Garden.   This system is exactly what I need!  Bigger than the square foot gardens I have built in the past, enclosed and critter proof, convenient, complete with an automatic watering system.  Now we’re talking.

With Christmas morning excitement, we unloaded two large boxes with about 5,000 pieces in each and one encylopedia sized instruction booklet.  Okay, not quite that bad, it was actually very straight forward.  Although you know how fun kits can be, we just took our time and had a great day together.

We originally planned on building the garden in the side yard, although the terrain is too uneven as well as a bit out of the way.  We decided it would be better to build it on the patio, it’s in a central area plus it will be closer to the rain barrel and composter.

AB Build 2

The garden requires 40 cubic feet of soil.  I choose a mixture of Organic Choice garden soil and Organic Valley compost plus manure.  I did not use the compost from my composter yet because I was concerned that the previous home owner may have used chemicals on the lawn and the grass clippings would be contaminated.

BG Soil BG Bags BG Soil 2

I was thrilled with the finished product and couldn’t wait to pick out the plants.  I immediately went to the Plangarden website, a virtual garden planning tool, to design my kitchen garden layout.
BG Gate Plan Garden

Now I’m on the hunt for all the organic plants, I’ll post updates on my progress.  This simple system will give me more time to focus on the other landscape debacles, I’m definitely going to be Fit to Garden this summer!


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  1. Roy Stahl

    Your real garden looks amazing. I could see you putting some motion-detector sprinklers to the sides of the garden as guardians to keep the squirrels and rabbits away during your travels.

    Good luck and happy harvesting this summer.
    - Roy

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