Are you tired of tasteless vegetables from the supermarket?  Would you be more likely to cook at home if you had homegrown ingredients full of flavor, bursting with goodness that are juicy, crisp and delicious?  Do you want to be less dependent on the pricey supermarket and more in control of your own and your family’s health?

Well, my new friend, we need to talk.  It is super simple and I’d love to teach you how!


If you’re here, I’m sure you understand that what was once nutrient-dense and delicious fresh food in the supermarket is now a poor substitute of mass-produced, tasteless produce. Herbs are so exorbitantly priced many families go without and instead choose unhealthy seasonings.  If it’s such a no-brainer to save money and grow your own food to be the best, most nutri­tious and fresh­est food possible, then what is holding you back?  I think I have that covered…

I understand you are busy, overworked and probably too tired to cook, let alone take care of a fussy garden.  This is precisely why I want to empower you to grow the simplest of gardens to support your health, connect with family, delight your taste buds and nourish your soul as you harvest organic food moments before it hits your plate.

Here’s how it works:

  • Start by scheduling a free consultation

  • We will schedule a series of initial sessions to discuss design and implementation (in-person, via phone, or Skype)
  • During the first month we will schedule weekly follow-up sessions (in-person, via phone, or Skype)
  • Receive ongoing support via email

Here’s what you’ll receive:

FREE Consultation ($135 value)
Let’s chat.  No obligations or salesy pitch.  I will help you determine your basic needs and set realistic expectations.  Together, we will consider your options for the ideal garden site, scale and required materials.

A thoughtful design situated in the best possible site is essential to ensuring your success.  I will provide you with a practical (oh, and beautiful!) raised bed, container or garden bed design.  This will include a plant and materials list complete with estimated costs.  Once you have reviewed the plan and your budget, we will discuss it and make adjustments as needed.

Dig & Plant
Education is the focus of this program!  I encourage you and your family to experience the joy of establishing your edible garden with my guidance.  I will let you know when to pick up the seedlings and seeds that we decide on and the optimum time for planting them.

Upkeep & Harvest
I will provide a customized profile for each plant in your garden, organic care tactics (companion planting, pest and disease control, feeding, etc.) and harvest timelines.

Ongoing Support & Resources
Garden for the Health of It Newsletter
Once a month, a newsletter will appear in your email inbox with timely and pertinent information and handy tips to make your garden successful. These may include information promoting sustainability such as rain barrels, rain gardens, native plants, composting, cold frames and my favorite tools. Alerts will be sent as needed regarding weather condition tips, pests, diseases, special events, etc.

Garden for the Health of It Meal Formula
All of my clients will have access to my homegrown fresh recipe collection.

Are you ready to get growing?   Wouldn’t you love to just step out the door and pick juicy tomatoes and fresh salad greens bursting with flavor & nutrients?  Let’s grow a small garden together to support your health, delight your taste-buds and nourish your soul.

Let me help guide you on your desired path to wellness.  Contact me today to schedule your free consultation

Garden Design Only $50

Garden Consulting $50 per hour

Full Garden Coaching Program $297 (as described above)

Custom Garden Cookbook — TBD

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