• Two months of systematic holistic training sessions by yours truly.  Program includes a jumpstart detox, supporting supplements, healing essential oils, nutrition education,  environmental and personal care products toxin detox, fool proof work-life-balance techniques, and ah-mazingrelaxation practices.  I’ll be schoolin’ you on exactly what your body needs to look and function like a boss.
  • 16 Sessions:  No excuses because I’ll make sure the sessions fit your busy schedule.  We’ll determine together which trainings will be delivered to you in person (my place or yours?), Skype, phone, via online videos, hand-outs and action step assignments.  Please note–at least 8 sessions must be in person (health coaching, workouts and AromaTouch®)
  • Unlimited email, text and phone support between sessions to keep you on track


  • My ‘secret sauce” meal formula customized to meet your family’s needs.  No more fussy recipes and lengthy grocery store trips.  It’s so easy, and even includes snacks.  You are going to LOVE ME for this.
  • Holistic Nutrition Training
    • Grocery Store Tour including label reading lesson
    • Pantry makeover
    • Meal solutions while traveling
  • One month Detox & Cleanse protocol & products (I’d never send you nasty stimulants. You’ll receive top-notch, cleansing products. It’s the real deal.)
    • A one month supply of healthy, delicious green smoothie mix designed to jump-start your journey
    • A one month supply of food nutrient vitamin complex formulas with certified pure essential oils to help with digestion, absorption, inflammation, energy and cleansing
    • A one month supply of THE best Essential oils and the cleanse and restore kit (yes that’s right, higher cellular and brain function AND top notch Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils – OMG!)
    • A one month supply of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to help your GI tract and liver cleanse


  • Assessment and exercise prescription in my private home studio.  Your program will be customized based on your specific needs and may include a posture and range of motion assessment, therapeutic exercise, Pilates mat or reformer work, strength and cardiovascular training, TRX suspension training, flexibility work and connective tissue release.

Lifestyle and Well-being

  • Home and self-care product makeover
  • Medicine cabinet makeover
  • Work-Life-Balance assessment and training
  • Aromatherapy training
  • Meditation training
  • Organic gardening training

Incredible FREE bonuses

  • Bonus #1:  4 AromaTouch® relaxation treatments (scheduled with in-person sessions)
  • Bonus #2:  Home fitness program
  • Bonus #3:  Lifetime access to my online training resources
  • Bonus #4:  Two doTERRA essential oils
  • Bonus #5:  Customized organic garden plan so you can easily begin growing your own organic food!

At the end of the program you’ll have a new body, a new life, a new perspective, and unlimited possibility!


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