Gardener’s Pre-Season Strengthening Exercise-SIDE PLANK

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Gardener’s Pre-Season Strengthening Exercise

Side Plank

Place your body in a straigtht line lying on your right side. Place your right forearm on the floor and bend your right knee so that your foot is behind you. Press yourself up and balance on your forearm and side of your bottom knee.


When you are ready to progress and increase the intensity of this exercise, straigthen both legs and place your right hand on the floor.

Keep your shoulders down and naval in. 

Hold this position 20-60 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Performing this exercise will strengthening your core and shoulder girdle stabilizers to prepare your body for the marathon gardening demands at the beginning of the season.

FOR MORE EXERCISES, check out the Gardener’s Pre-Season Strength Training video!

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