Garden for the Health of It: Your Guide to a Garden-Focused Wellness Program is truly a celebration of gardening, food, fitness and self-care.  Inside you’ll discover gardening practices and growing your own organic food, how to prepare nutrient-dense meals, strengthening your body in the garden, and luxurious self-care practices.  You’ll also learn the key role that essential oils play in all of these areas.

Discover the Healing Power of Your Garden

My guidebook will teach you how to identify the many health benefits of gardening, and exactly how to get the most out of those benefits.  Use your garden practice to build a healthy lifestyle by balancing your home environment, stress levels, physical activity, and nutrition.

The program is categorized into four main sections to help seasoned gardeners get the most out of the activity, and to assist new gardeners as they begin.

  • Grow:  how to structure garden practices for a healthy mind, body, soul, and environment
  • Strengthen:  how to avoid next-day soreness and injury while burning calories in the garden
  • Nourish:  how to whip up healthy, simple and fast dishes using homegrown goodness
  • Restore:  how to capitalize on the stress-reducing benefits that gardening provides and implement self-care practices

What can essential oils do for your gardening practice?

Essential oils, which are attracted from plants, are the foundation of the Garden for the Health of It program.  The all-natural effects are experienced full circle in the garden and by the gardener by:

  • Improving the health of other plants
  • Combining edibles with essential oils to create superior quality and nutritious meals
  • Promoting relaxation while creating a sense of peace and well-being
  • Providing soothing relief to muscles, promoting feelings of clear airways and easy breathing, and rejuvenating effects on the skin